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Contact - Imprint

You can currently reach me at the following addresses:

Dr. med. Jörg-Michael Sigle

Hauptstrasse 138
CH-4126 Bettingen

Im Vogelsang 2
D-75438 Freudenstein

Mobile (CH) +41-76-276-8694
Mobile (DE) +49-176-964-35413

My current e-mail-adress is:

(Protection from automatically generated advertisements: Please replace the text _REPLACE_THIS_WITH_AT_ in my e-mail address with the usual sign for "AT".)

Currently, URLs of my Homepage in the WWW are:

If you should be interested in that, you can find my CV there as well as information on other areas of my interest.

Quality-of-Life-Recorder related pages are available directly at:

Information fulfilling requirements of German legislation after German politicians discovered the WWW:

My German VAT-ID-No. was: DE 152 276 27.

If I acted professionally as a medical doctor at my last place of residence in Germany, the supervising authority was the Ärztekammer Nordwürttemberg, Stuttgart.

If I acted in a way that fell under the definition of "gewerblich" as set out by German law at my last place of residence in Germany, the supervising authority was the IHK Nordwürttemberg, Pforzheim.

Because regulations applicable to my pursuit of any of these activities are likely to change over time and I do not have sufficient resources to maintain a list which is guaranteed to be up to date on my own here, please refer to the mentioned supervising authorities if you wish to receive detailed information about the applicable regulations.

I am aware that the classification of any activity as "nicht gewerblich", "gewerblich", "nicht freiberuflich", "freiberuflich", "nicht ärztlich", "ärztlich", "nicht wissenschaftlich", "wissenschaftlich", "nicht künstlerisch", "künstlerisch" comes to different results depending upon which German legal text is used, point in time at which the classification is made, and which are the interests of the one who carries out the classification. I cannot resolve this problem. However, it contributes to legal uncertainty with regard to the information that I should have to supply on this page, and I guess the situation can not really be improved by more German politicians or jurists adding to what they have already produced.

Should the provision of any of the information given here object to any legislation that might possibly have changed in the meantime, or should some information be missing due to any requirements that might have been enhanced in the meantime, this is by no means intentionally or purposefully made to get an unfair advantage against any competitor or to deprive anyone from their rights. On the opposite, this would result solely from the fact that applicable German law, publications of German ministries, and court rulings based upon these publications are often even contradicting each other, and have grown to such an extent and such an inscrutability, that given the amount of knowledge in jurisdiction which may be reasonably be expected from myself, I can only conclude that there is no possibility for myself to act in a way that could guarantee that I conform to any legal requirements, and even requesting expensive legal advice would quite clearly predicatably fail to offer complete legal security and protection from unintentional misbeheavor.

For these reasons I offer to any competitor or to any other person who might feel themselves being wronged or deprived from their rights by the content of my WWW-Site, that if they give me a short notice, I will review the state of affairs and remove any substantiated reason for any kind of complaint without any avoidable delay.

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