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Sitemap and initial guidance for this site

www.ql-recorder.com offers information about tools I made to facilitate the use of electronic questionnaires, primarily with regard to measuring health related quality of life (HRQL) and patient satisfaction.

The terms "Quality-of-Life-Recorder", "QL-Recorder", "AnyQuest for DOS", and "AnyQuest for Windows" have been introduced by myself and used since 1993. The concept and the software have been established for both scientific and commercial use.


  • Using the coloured tabs above, you can jump to either of the following subdivisions at any time:
    • __/== Introduction ====\____________________
      Basic information about the scientific background of Health-Related-Quality-of-Life (HRQL), and about the concept and the technical implementation of the QL-Recorder.
    • __/== Software ========\____________________
      Preconfigured self installing software packages for downloading, as well as updates for the shareware version of AnyQuest for Windows.
    • __/== Questionnaires ==\____________________
      A selection of questionnaires or instruments adopted for the QL-Recorder platform.
    • __/== Docs+Support ====\____________________
      Tutorials, detailed manuals, videos, project drafts, scientific publications and various other informative or hopefully helpful material.
    • __/== Service =========\____________________
      My offer of tools and professional services for your own projects.

  • The menu on the left lets you select individual pages within the current subdivision.
  • Hyperlinks to information about myself and to a this sitemap are available down in the footer of each displayed web page.
  • The sketched QL-Recorder logo in the top left corner leads you back to the main page from anywhere else.

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