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Before you proceed   
   Terms and conditions • 
   How to install   

Available downloads   
   Simple starter package   
   Individual update files   
   Talking questionnaire   
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Distribution policy

As described elsewhere, one of the main purposes of this project is to spread quality of life measurement among the medical community.

The software you find here can be downloaded for time limited evaluation. If you want to continue to use this software after evaluation, you are obliged to register it to receive a personalised license.

Whether you will have to pay a license fee, depends upon your own status and the way you use this software. Upon individual request, you may receive a license for free.

A registration form as well as detailed information about my distribution policy are contained in AnyQuest for Windows' help file.

Before you may use certain quality of life questionniares, you are obliged to contact their respective copyright owners to find out about their policies.

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