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Order form

Legal note: This site is directed towards professional users rather than consumers. If you require further information, please send a request via snail mail or e-mail; additonal contact adresses are linked below.

If you complete this form, and then submit it, your browser will send it via and must be configured appropriately and probably be connected to the Internet or a local e-mail server. Most probably, the message will use an unencrypted, unsecure connection. Alternatively, you can print the form and send it via snail mail or fax (number available upon request).

Another printable software-registration form is included in the on-line-help of AnyQuest for Windows.

AnyQuest for Windows is available as shareware, and if you have no budget, you may be eligible for free registration. Please review the license conditions in the on-line-help file.

Dr. Jörg M. Sigle
Tulpenweg 9

CH-3004 Bern

Your name and address:
Your name:
Your position:
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Your order:
ItemQuantityPrice per item
excl. VAT
Price per item
incl. 19% VAT
AnyQuest for Windows Information CD-ROM
with copy of WWW-site and evaluation software
10,- EUR 11,90 EUR
AnyQuest for Windows registered personalized license
(includes above Information CD-ROM)
Please review the legal note and information about the possibility to adjust this rate to your individual requirements, both below. Please review the license information in the AnyQuest for Windows on-line help which can be downloaded separately from the software library in this WWW site, or contact me directly, to learn about possible use of a single licensed copy on multiple CPUs, appropriate registration fees and free licenses.
150,- EUR 178,50 EUR
GraTaSim-, AnyQuest for DOS-, GraTaGen-licenses, Digitizers, Tablet-PCs, and project related consulting services Please ask for an individual quotation.

You can review the applicable conditions of the license agreement for AnyQuest for Windows in its on-line help, that you can get from this WWW-site or from the Information CD-ROM.

As I want to spread routine QoL measurement among the medical community: If the above rate exceeds your available funds, if you do not have any funds available at all, if you need multiple licenses, or if you need both licenses and support within a project, please contact me in order to find conditions which meet your individual requirements. Please review the respective notes in other parts of this site and in the on-line help.

You can review the applicable conditions of the license agreement for AnyQuest for DOS, GraTaSim and GraTaGen in their respective manual, which you can get from this WWW-site or from the Information CD-ROM.

If not otherwise agreed upon, payment is collected via cash on delivery.

Above prices do not include costs for shipping and handling, transport insurance and C.O.D. I will charge these costs as they are caused to myself. They depend on the requested destination of delivery, the requested means of transport and payment. I most often send parcels via the Deutsche Bundespost with adequate insurance. You may expect to pay about 5 to 10 Euro for this plus about 3 Euro for C.O.D. fees, and an additional 20 Euro for bank fees for an international money transaction if you make payments from outside Germany. If express delivery is requested, substantially higher costs may occur for the use of alternative delivery services.

By filling in and sending this form or another equivalent order to me, you make an offer to accept a purchasing contract on the ordered items and you accept the terms and conditions listed on this page and in the applicable software license conditions. A purchasing contract is only established if I confirm your order in written form or by sending the ordered articles.

Legal note according to the German "FernAbsatzGesetz": Consumers ("Verbraucher") have the right to return articles which were ordered on-line by sending them back, or sending a written revocation of their order within two weeks, after they received the articles. If the price is above 40 EUR, the supplier also has to cover shipping costs for returning the goods. These rights may not apply if the articles are software or manufactured individually to your specifications.

According to the German magazine c't, actual interpretations of this recent German law by the German Ministery of commerce and German jurisdiction showed unexpected variations regarding required customer information (including a prototype form offered by the Ministery considered judged not matching legal requirements by one court, and the decision that providing an informative text on a web site is not sufficient to fulfill the legal requirement of supplying information in "text form", but an e-mail or a letter must be sent, as judged by another court). I continue to monitor publications in this area, but as I cannot guarantee to notice any future similarly surprising development in this area within a short time interval, I offer any potential or actual customer, as far as our business relationship is affected, to provide detailed information including updated legal status either upon request, whenever I receive a request for a quote, an order, and upon delivery of goods or services.

Please note that most of the items listed above either contain software, including personalized software keys, or - in the case of completely configured systems - components ordered and combined individually to match your requirements. Thus, please consider the following possibilities before placing an order:

The software AnyQuest for Windows can be downloaded as shareware from this site, to test it extensively before placing an order.

If you wish to try out hardware, I may be able to arrange a possibility upon individual request and mutual agreement.

Upon request, I make available neccessary know-how to professional partners who you might ask to provide service at your site.

I reserve the right to have your order processed by any third party who may act independently from myself and on their own behalf.

Product specifications may change in the future. I reserve the right not to accept an order if underlying information presented here was erroneous or delivery is impossible.

Privacy and data protection policy: Information submitted to me is only stored and used by myself as far as this is required for the maintenance of a business relationship or legal requirements.

I do not want to detail current practices of various more or less democratically legitimized governments regarding the uninvited monitoring and storage of information related to telecommunications of millions of people - I just want to remind you that such a thing exists, in the EU, and suggest you to consider who has used such practices in history, what for, and whom they benefit today.

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