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(Please note: This page is outdated.)

Partners and hardware sources

The following companies and institutes can support you or provide hardware when you plan to use the QL-Recorder yourself:

Possibly suitable hardware, listed in July 2009:

All following Tablet-PCs or Panel-PCs should be able to run Windows XP, and be equipped with touch-screen and/or digitizer. Most will also have WLAN support. The selection provides some examples, it is far from complete!

More expensive variants: Some are ruggedized, or tailored to clinical requirements. They may include equipment like built in 1D or 2D barcode reader, card reader, RFID reader, camera, finger-print scanner.

Less expensive devices: Some available below 500 EUR:

I have personal positive experience with the Fujitsu Stylistic ST1000 (since 1996), ST1200, and ST5010, Palmax PD 1000, Palmax PD 1200 and B-COM Civilnote. Several users have positive experience with the ST5020 and some Lifebook convertible PCs.

One user of a Motion Computing C5, possibly experienced a pre-installed bluetooth driver interfering with AnyQuest's automatic installation routine. But AnyQuest worked fine after manually copying it into its target directories.

One colleague has already had a positive experience with the GIGABYTE M912.

I tried AnyQuest successfully on two of the early Asus Eee PC Netbooks with MS Windows (before the versions with the Touch Screen became available) - it ran perfectly smoothly on these devices.

The Toughbook CF-H1 is ruggedized, protected against spilled fluids, and can be cleaned with disinfective agents commonly used in hospitals.

When considering one of the smaller devices, I'd suggest to look for a display with at least 768 pixels of vertical resolution.

It should be possible to install a complete MS Windows system (or Linux and Wine) plus AnyQuest onto a single USB-Stick, SD-Card, or CF-Card of sufficient size. It is also possible to place most of the operational software and data storage on a network. Thus, a hard disk may definitely not be required in an electronic patient questionnaire device, as long as the used device is able to net-boot or to boot from any of the above named media. And this can be achieved for almost any contemporary PC; if all else fails, there are adaptors which add an IDE hard-disk type connecter to a CF-Card for 2.50 EUR or so.

You may search for various suppliers and distributors of "Tablet PCs", "pen computers" or "touch screens" at Google.

Used hardware can be found on eBay. In July 2009, I saw multiple FSC ST5112 with the "Buy-Now" option at less than 400 EUR.

The following WWW sites offer information about touch screens, pen-computers and Tablet PCs:

If you wish to be added to or removed from this list, please send me an e-mail. Thank you very much.
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