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         Infrared link, printer   
         Infrared link, printer   
         WLAN, server, printer   
         Infrared link, server, printer   
         Infrared link, laptop, printer   
         WLAN, laptop, IR-link, printer   
         WLAN, fileserver, SQL-DB, WWW; printer; fax • 
         WLAN, SQL-DB, e-Mail; fax   
         WLAN, server, SQL-DB, printer   
         Infrared link, server, SQL-DB, printer   
         Laptop, printer   
         Laptop, fileserver   
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Example 7 out of 12: Complex configuration with pen-computer, wireless LAN, fileserver, SQL-database, WWW-connection, e-mail, printer, fax


Components and connection

  • This configuration consists of a pen-computer with integrated touch-screen, which is connected to a network via wireless LAN.
  • Within the network, there are fileserver, print-server, SQL-database, WWW-server, e-mail-server and fax-server. These services can run on one or on several machines.

Functionality: Interview and result printing

  • The patient fills in questionnaires at the pen-computer.
  • Recorded data are transmitted via wireless LAN to the server and are stored there. There are no relevant data (e.g. data of patients, results) on the pen-computer. The wireless LAN allows complete freedom of movement of the pen-computer.
  • The printouts are also transmitted via wireless LAN to the print-server or to the fax-server. The results of the current interview are transmitted to the fax- or print-server also via wireless LAN. The results and an overview of the patient's course appear on the printer.
  • Recorded data are copied from the fileserver into the database automatically. The contents of the database can be delivered as raw data or can be automatically processed further and delivered via www-server to a local- or the internet.
  • After encryption it is also possilble to transfer recorded data from the fileserver or the database via e-mail.
  • All servers can deliver the recorded data in many other ways.

Functionality: Searching and using recorded data

  • Using AnyQuery the doctor can search and print data of individual interviews on the pen-computer or on the fileserver.
  • Data of multiple interviews can be exported as table to be processed further using other programs.
  • Data stored on the fileserver are available on every workstation within the network.

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