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         Infrared link, printer   
         Infrared link, printer   
         WLAN, server, printer   
         Infrared link, server, printer   
         Infrared link, laptop, printer • 
         WLAN, laptop, IR-link, printer   
         WLAN, fileserver, SQL-DB, WWW; printer; fax   
         WLAN, SQL-DB, e-Mail; fax   
         WLAN, server, SQL-DB, printer   
         Infrared link, server, SQL-DB, printer   
         Laptop, printer   
         Laptop, fileserver   
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Example 5 out of 12: Simple configuration with pen-computer, infrared-connection, laptop and printer


Components and connections

  • This configuration consists of a pen-computer with integrated touch-screen, a laptop and a printer.
  • The pen-computer is connected to the laptop via infrared-interface (IrDA).

Functionality: Interview and result printing

  • The patient fills in questionnaires at the pen-computer.
  • Stationary use of the pen-computer: Recorded data are transmited onto the laptop using the permanent IR-connection and stored there. In this configuration the laptop serves as fileserver. Transmitted data are forwarded to the printer and printed immediately.
  • Mobile use of the pen-computer: During the interview recorded data are stored on the pen-computer. After returning the pen-computer and reconnecting it to the IR-interface the recorded data are transmitted to the fileserver, stored there and forwarded to the printer.
  • The results of the interviews and an overview of the patient's course appear on the printer.

Functionality: Searching and using recorded data

  • Using AnyQuery the doctor can search and print data of individual interviews on the pen-computer or on the fileserver.
  • Data of multiple interviews can be exported as table to be processed further using other programs.
  • Data saved on the fileserver are available on every workstation within the network.

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